Property Values Map

Here is a map of all property values in Jefferson County. Recenter the map to your address by clicking change above the map, or drag the center marker around the map. Click more links below the map to share your results. The map shows the closest 100 properties to you.

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Note: Condos, mobile homes, boat slips, and other multi-unit properties with more than one owner per parcel, only show up under the name of the organization in charge of the land parcel. If you want to look up an individual owner’s building values, please see the standard property search.

The date shown is the date of the last change in value by the PVA.

Click “Detail Page” or the parcel property thumbnail in the popup for more information about the property and to subscribe for the full listing details.

Property is assessed per KRS 132.20 on January 1st of each year.

The current year assessments are updated and posted on the website in mid April. Information deemed reliable but not guaranteed.