Subscription Service FAQ

Q: Who do I contact if I have questions concerning my bill or if I wish to cancel my account subscription?

A: To cancel your account, simply click the Cancel Account link under the ‘Account’ menu in the upper right hand corner of the screen. If you have questions, you can contact someone at, or (502) 498-8477.

Q: How do I upgrade my account?

A: Click the ‘Account’ menu in the right hand corner of the screen; you will see a menu expand with the ‘Upgrade Account’ option featured.

Click ‘Upgrade Account’. If you have chosen an account that will allow multiple users, you will be asked to answer a Security Question. This question establishes you as the administrator of the account. You alone will be responsible for access to this account, and you alone will be able to reset the password for your additional users.

Once you confirm your subscription change, your subscription level will be updated immediately and will appear on your invoice next billing cycle.

Q: When and how often does my credit card get billed?

A: Your credit card is billed immediately on the day when the account is successfully created and subsequently every month after. Each month’s billable day will be the day of the month when the account was created.

Example: Account created on May 2 the next scheduled billable date would be June 2

Q: How fresh or up-to-date is the data viewed on the website?

A: The date of the last performed update to our data is reflected on the bottom right of the Homepage.

Example: Data updated on 03/30/2001

Q: How do I change my credit card information and other account information on my subscription account?

A: To manage your credit card or other subscription information, select the ‘Account’ menu at the top right of the screen once you have logged into your account.  You will see ‘Billing’ appear in the drop down menu, click this option. From here, you can revise your billing information, your subscription level and your password and security question information.

Q: When I perform a property search under the “Search By” menu what do the terms Legal and LRSN mean?

A: The Legal search allows you to perform a search on a Legal Description of the property and the LRSN search is for searching property by the Land Record Serial Number.