Richard Chin, Deputy of the Jefferson County Property Valuation Office was named “Outstanding Deputy of the Year,” at the Kentucky Property Valuation Administrator’s Association Summer Conference June 17-20 in Northern Kentucky.

The award is given annually to a “Deputy” who has made a significant contribution to their PVA office.  Tony Lindauer, Jefferson County Property Valuation Administrator says, “ I couldn’t be happier for Richard to receive this recognition of merit for his loyalty, dedication and commitment to serving the public.  He is definitely a great public servant.”

Richard Chin is an extraordinary person. At 81, he’s still going strong.  Many years ago, he became accustomed to working 7 days a week as a restaurant owner when he owned and operated the first Chinese restaurant in Louisville.  It was there that he developed his passion for serving the public.

He received a phone call one day from a friend who worked for the Jefferson County PVA.  She asked Richard if he would be interested in a temporary position working for the PVA during appeals. He answered the call to duty and nearly 20 years later, he is still answering the call to duty as an employee of the Jefferson County PVA.

He’s had an interesting career and at one time even served as a State Senator when Jefferson County was represented by only 3 Senators.  He graduated from the University Of Kentucky with a degree in Commerce and has a two-year degree from The Speed Scientific School. He has 4 children, 4 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren.   He enjoys his family and especially enjoys working with his co-workers and serving the public.