Why do I need to subscribe to the PVA?

The Jefferson County PVA Online Search Service provides information, updated on a weekly basis, for its commercial and residential properties right at your finger tips. Basic search information is provided for free to all non-subscribers, such as parcel ID, assessed value, acreage … Continue reading

How do I manage Active Sessions?

Depending on your subscription, you have a maximum number of sessions available at a given time; only that many users can be logged in at the same time. For example, the 1-User subscription allows only one person to be logged, whereas … Continue reading

How do I subscribe to the PVA?

If you already have an account add a new subscription now. If you don’t have an account, sign up now to purchase a PVA Subscription. You can choose from the following subscription levels: Day Pass  (Non-recurring)  $10.00: This level provides access to the … Continue reading

Why is my account inactive?

This simply means your account doesn’t have an active subscription. It could be that there isn’t a subscription tied to the account at all, or if there is one it has a failed invoice from 30 or more days ago. … Continue reading

Why does my search return 0 results found?

The subscription search service is specific to parcels in Jefferson County. Subscribers to the PVA search service have access to the different searches and full property details, where as non-subscribers can only use the Address or Parcel ID search and will only … Continue reading

Why are the Deed Page links not working?

You may be using Internet Explorer 7.0. You can determine your current browser by selecting the “Help” menu from the browser’s application bar at the top. At the bottom select “About Internet Explorer”. A new window will appear that will … Continue reading