What is the export feature?

If your search returns a list of properties, you can use the Export Search Results button to download a copy of the information in a comma-separated values (CSV) file to your computer. The file will be saved to the folder you have set on your computer as the default for downloads. If you are unsure of this location, you can use your browser to review its download settings.

This feature is available to active subscribers only and will include the information as it is displayed for all of the records returned. It will not include the additional details that can be found on the individual property cards. Please feel free to contact the PVA office if you are looking for a more detailed or custom report.

Download times can vary depending on the number of results returned from your search, the internet connection, and your computer’s current processing speed. To limit the number of results, refine your search before exporting.

The data may need formatting adjustments if your default spreadsheet program has custom rules set for its defaults.