Forms & Tools

Here is a complete list of all the forms available for download on this website. You can download and complete these forms on your computer. Please follow the instructions provided in the forms for submission.


  1. Residential Property Comparison Worksheet
  2. Residential Property Comparison Worksheet (Excel)
  3. Commercial Property Comparison Worksheet
  4. Commercial Property Comparison Worksheet (Excel)
  5. Commercial Income and Expense Worksheet
  6. Commercial Income and Expense Worksheet (Excel)
  7. Moratorium Application
  8. PVA Property Assessment Brochure
  9. Motor Vehicle Assessment Brochure
  10. Residential Appeal Tipsheet
  11. Motor Vehicles Appeal Tipsheet
  12. Letter of Authorization


  1. Homestead/Disability Exemption Explanation and Application
  2. File Homestead Exemption Online
  3. Agricultural/Horticultural Exemption Explanation and Application
  4. Non-Profit or Religious Application for Exemption from Property Taxation
  5. Non-Profit or Religious Addendum Application


  1. Business Tangible Personal Property Tax Forms and Instructions
  2. Business Tangible Personal Property Tax Form (Excel)
  3. Trailer Ad Valorem Property Tax Exemption Instructions & Forms
  4. Online Motor Vehicle Appeal
  5. Online Trailer Exemption Application
  6. Multi/Semi Trailer Exemption Excel Spreadsheet Template
  7. Declaration of Representative
  8. Dealer Inventory Form (fillable)
  9. Motax Appeal: Affidavit For Correction/Exoneration of Motor Vehicle/Boat/Trailer Property Tax
  10. 2023 Tax Rates
  11. Taxpayer’s Opinion of Value Form (For Increase Only)


  1. Mobile Homes Location Report
  2. Request for reproduction of Public Records (Open Records Request Form New 2021)
  3. Records Menu & Commercial Fee Schedule


  1. Residential Property Change of Mailing Address Form
  2. Commercial Property Change of Mailing Address Form
  3. Personal Property Tangible Mailing Address Change Form
  4. Online Mailing Address Change Portal
  5. Speaking Engagement Request Form


  1. Current Openings
  2. Employment Applications