Working at the Office of the Jefferson County PVA

Our office is located in the Glassworks Building in Downtown Louisville at 815 W. Market Street. We are an unclassified office of state government, meaning that we are not merit system employees. We currently have seventy-two employees working in the following departments: Residential Valuation, Commercial Valuation, Motor Vehicles and Personal Property, Mapping and Ownership, Products and Services, Information Services, and Administration. We have a 37.5 hour work schedule with office hours from 8:00 – 4:00, Monday through Friday. See the Kentucky Personnel Cabinet website for information on paid time off, insurance, retirement benefits, and general policies.

We accept applications at any time. However, the Commonwealth of Kentucky application is required before an interview can be arranged. Interviews are conducted when specific positions are being filled. Applications will remain on file in this office for six months. If six months has passed and you would like to keep your application active, it is recommended that you e-mail a request to employment@jeffersonPVA.ky.gov. Include an application update form if applicable.

Available Positions


Application Instructions

We do not have access to applications that are submitted to other agencies or through the Personnel Cabinet. Also, other agencies will not have access to applications submitted to our office. We use the Commonwealth of Kentucky Application; however, please address all inquiries to this office, not the Personnel Cabinet. Sections 18, 19, and 20 are not applicable to employment in this office. Proof of education/certification is required to be submitted at the time of employment.

Download the Employment Application form (PDF)

You may download this version of the application form and complete it by typing in the correct data in the appropriate fields. Once your application is complete, e-mail it to employment@jeffersonPVA.ky.gov for processing. All applications must be signed.

Electronic Signatures

Under Kentucky state law, an electronic signature (i.e., or typed name) will substitute for your written signature. Under KRS 18A.032 and 18A990, it is illegal to falsify education and experience on an application. Those who falsify an application are subject to dismissal from employment and other sanctions including ineligibility for employment, jail time and fines. KRS 18A.110(7)(C) authorizes the Secretary of the Personnel Cabinet to investigate an individual’s education, experience, capacity, knowledge, skills, character, personal traits, or physical fitness to determine an applicant’s fitness for employment.

Email completed applications to:

Mail completed applications to:

Office of the Jefferson County PVA
Attn: Mary Rose
Glassworks Building
815 W. Market Street, Suite 400
Louisville, KY  40202-2654
Fax: (502) 574-0840