When can I file a motor vehicle appeal and what is the deadline?

Eligibility Date: You do not have to wait to receive a notice to appeal, our office can process appeal requests as early as January 1 of the tax year.

Deadline: All appeal submissions and supporting documentation must be received by our office before 4pm on the tax due date.

How do you determine the assessment on vehicles?

All automobiles, trucks, boats, boat trailers, motorcycles, aircraft, and recreational vehicles are assessed as of January 1 of each year based on standardized guides provided by the Kentucky Department of Revenue.  Motor vehicle value is set according to industry-standard J.D.

Why do I need to subscribe to the PVA?

The Jefferson County PVA Online Search Service provides information for its commercial and residential properties right at your finger tips. The available property data is updated on a weekly basis with the most current information.

Limited property information is provided for free to all non-subscribers through the Address and Parcel searches.