Staying on the cutting edge of technology is an expensive but necessary investment.  The new, improved website is our guarantee that you get the best, local property information available in multiple formats while we keep our fees as reasonable as possible.  To accommodate the costs of the re-design, the individual subscription will increase by $5 per month. This will be effective with the site launch next month, tentatively set for September 9, 2013. The price change will be applied to the next invoice you receive after the 9/09 launch date. There will be no pro-rating of price changes.

Along with an increased mobile functionality, our new website will feature many other improved experiences for our users. Subscribers will notice the addition of a new, single month access option that is non-recurring. Similar in nature to the 24 hour Day Pass, this option will allow users access to the advanced property search, including the mobile version, for 30 days. Access can be renewed as often as a Subscriber would like, and can be upgraded to the convenience of the automatically recurring monthly option you are all familiar with.

As always, Subscribers at any level will always have access to their accounts if they choose to return at a later date to re-activate their subscriptions. The new site will offer many new account service features, including the ability to pay invoices with a single click and a more user friendly account management section where changing subscription options is easy to manage.

We want to thank you for your   business and if we can be of service, please let us know.  You can always reach us with your questions   at    
Watch the   news feed on for more updates on the new   website.