Please note: The Jefferson County PVA team will be migrating to a new payment processing system, Stripe. For a smooth transition, all accounts will transfer to Stripe in segments and all users will be notified of this timeline. Your existing account and login credentials will function as expected. For support, contact: or 502-498-8477.

LOJIC experiencing technical issues.

LOJIC is currently experiencing technical issues with our web services.  This will cause a disruption in service to the web applications calling those services, in particular the StreetMap service.  Below is a list of known apps referencing that service.  We are working on the issue and will keep you posted.


  • PVA Subscription Map
  • LOJIC Online
  • Metro Snow Command
  • Metro Snow Routes
  • EGIS
  • Jefferson County Bus Routes
  • Metro MapIt
  • MSD Telog
  • Where Do I Vote