Louisville’s 40205 ranked one of the country’s “hottest” zip codes

Louisville, Ky. – 90210 has nothing on Louisville’s 40205.

Louisville’s 40205 zip code ranked No. 25 on Realtor.com’s “Hottest Zip Codes Midyear.”

The 40205 zip code includes parts of the Seneca Gardens, Belknap, Cherokee Hills, Deer Park, Dundee Estates, Strathmoor, and Highlands neighborhoods. The ranking is based on how quickly properties are selling and how frequently homes are viewed in each ZIP code.

Listings in 40205 have received almost three times the views as the average listing in the US and 2.4 times the views as the average listing in Louisville. At the same time, inventory in the zip has a median age of 38 days, which is 23 days lower than the market median and 35 days faster than the national median.

According to representatives from the Greater Louisville Association of Realtors, big factors that contribute to the consistent popularity of the 40205 zip code are the mature, well-developed, and established neighborhoods that offer ease-of-access to parks, attractions (i.e. The Louisville Zoo), local dining, and entertainment. In addition, the homes are close to interstates with variably less congestion/ density, and in many cases are more affordable than the majority of the nearby and historically sought-after 40204 zip code.

The Lane Report 8/19/2015