2017 Homestead Exemption

2017 Homestead Ad

Office of the Jefferson County Property Valuation Administrator
Tony Lindauer, PVA

Important Information for Property Owners!Homestead & Disability Exemption Amount for 2017
KRS 132.810 (2)(e) provides that the Homestead and Disability
Exemption shall be adjusted for inflation every two years. In accordance
with this statute, the Kentucky Department of Revenue Office of
Property Valuation has determined $37,600 will be the Homestead &
Disability Exemption amount for 2017.

Property owners who are 65 or older are eligible to receive the
Homestead Exemption and property owners who have been declared
totally disabled for the previous 12 months by any public or private
retirement system may be eligible to receive the Homestead Exemption
under the Disability Provision. Disability Exemption recipients are
required by law to report any change in their disability classification
to the PVA office. Failure to notify the PVA office of a change in
disability classification may result in tax liabilities for the period not
classified as 100% disabled.

If you qualify for the Homestead or Disability Exemption, your
property assessment is reduced by $37,600, resulting in a lower tax
liability for you as a property owner. One exemption per household is
allowed. Please notify the PVA office when you move so the exemption
can be transferred to your new property.

Applications are available at the PVA Office, Local Government Centers
and online at www.jeffersonpva.ky.gov.

Mail Applications to:
Office of the Jefferson County PVA
Attn: Homestead Exemption & Disability Exemption
815 W. Market St., Suite 400
Louisville KY 40202-2654

For additional information, visit our website at
www.jeffersonpva.ky.gov or call the Homestead & Disability
Exemption Department at 574-6380 option 3.