Jefferson County PVA Sends Prayers to Kentucky Families Suffering from Weekend Tornadoes

(Louisville,KY) Jefferson County PVA Colleen Younger and staff are sending deepest condolences and prayers to the Kentucky families who lost loved ones, businesses and property during the tornadoes on December 10th.

 Nothing can bring back the human life lost nor ease the suffering arising out of this devastation. We hope all Kentuckians will continue to stand together to show we are one and will be there in work and deed to help our fellow Kentuckians during these dark hours.

We encourage everyone to get involved in the recovery effort by donating supplies, time, money and hard work to rebuild the beautiful Kentucky towns hardest hit.

We will be praying for all those impacted by the storm, in the days ahead, as well as our fellow PVAs in the affected areas who will be working diligently to survey the enormous loss of property.