Recognition of a Job Well Done

Dear Honorable Colleen Younger,


I am so impressed with the quality improvements you and your entire staff have made at the Jefferson County PVA in the past four years! I read your Annual Report & First Term Review 2022 – It was clearly written and emphasized the work in a meaningful way.


I have personally witnessed the better outcomes of your improvements during my time as Legislative Aide to Metro Council District 21, during my campaign for office, and now during my 1st term as State Representative for District 38.

  1. Reassessing Churchill Downs has helped our community feel investment in rather than extracted from
  2. Public meetings (digital and in person) have helped neighbors better understand the process for assessments and appealing and get their questions answered
  3. Thank you so much for the easy to access translated documents for our ESL community
  4. Only comparing re-modeled home to other re-modeled homes in the area has acknowledged the impact of gentrification and found a solution to help address and slow the negative impacts
  5. Thanks for investing in technology to limit the number of required field visits and making the process more modern


Please share with your staff. There is much to celebrate and be proud of!

Rachel Roarx

KY State Representative

District 38

Legislative Research Commission