I moved into my house in February. Why can’t I get the homestead or disability until next year?

The assessment date is January 1 (KRS 132.220(1)(a)). In order to be eligible for the homestead exemption, you must own your home on the January 1 assessment date of the year in which application made.

If you are a homestead recipient and sold your property, the exemption was deducted from your assessed value at the time of closing. Any prorated taxes paid at closing were based on the taxable assessment of the property after the exemption deduction. You will not receive the homestead deduction again in the same tax year on your new property. When moving, recipients of either exemption are required to reapply either with our office if they are remaining in Jefferson County, or with the PVA’s office of their new county of residence. The deduction will apply on your new property January 1 of the year following your purchase.
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