Commercial Assessment

Over 23,000 commercial properties located in Jefferson County are assessed annually by the PVA using a market (or sales), cost, or income approach to value.  Property assessments are based on the method that represents the property’s best use and highest value.  Values are determined with the assistance of a computer-assisted mass appraisal (CAMA) system.  PVA research, local market and property characteristic data are applied to CAMA.  CAMA utilizes the data to produce assessments at current fair market value.  Depreciation factors and other adjustments that influence value are also applied in CAMA when applicable.  CAMA is closely monitored by PVA for quality control.

After submitting a PVA Conference, any taxpayer who disagrees with the resulting PVA assessment may appeal that assessment to the Local Board of Assessment Appeals. The taxpayer shall appeal his or her assessment by filing in person or sending a letter or other written petition to the COUNTY CLERK stating the reasons for appeal, identifying the property for which the appeal is filed, and stating the taxpayer’s opinion of the fair cash value of the property. The appeal shall be filed no later than one (1) workday following the conclusion of the inspection period provided for in KRS 133.045.

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