What if I am not in agreement with my Conference Result?

If you are not in agreement with your Conference Result,  you may appeal before the Local Board of Assessment Appeals.  Please complete, sign and date the bottom section of your PVA Conference Result Form and submit it to the Jefferson County Clerk’s Office by the legal deadline (KRS 133.120(2)(c)) of 5/16/2017.  Your PVA Conference Result Form may be mailed or delivered in person to the clerk’s office at:

MAIL:                                                                                                     LOCATION:

Jefferson County Clerk’s Office                                                          Jefferson County Clerk’s Office

Attn: Local Board of Assessment Appeals                                          Louisville Metro Hall

P.O. Box 35396                                                                                     527 W. Jefferson Street, Suite 204

Louisville, KY  40232-5396                                                                  Louisville, KY  40202

Phone: 502-574-6915