Please give examples of documentation I need to support my opinion of value.

Examples of documentation include the following:

A full appraisal of your property
Interior/exterior photos of your property
Your homeowner’s or commercial property owner’s insurance policy
Your listing contract if your property is currently for sale
Estimates of repairs
Original construction costs or costs of additions or improvements to your property
Documentation of recent comparable sales (not assessments) that are similar to your property in size,

Can I mail or hand-deliver my supporting documentation?

If possible, please upload supporting documentation electronically during the Online Conference process so that documents are delivered immediately.  Mail or hand deliveries are an option, however.  Everyone completing the Online Conference to mail or hand deliver documentation to the PVA office within 24 hours of completing the Online Conference.

What if I am not in agreement with my Conference Result?

If you are not in agreement with your Conference Result,  you may appeal before the Local Board of Assessment Appeals.  Please complete, sign and date the bottom section of your PVA Conference Result Form and submit it to the Jefferson County Clerk’s Office by the legal deadline (KRS 133.120(2)(c)) of 6/5/2018.  

What documentation is required if I choose to have authorized representation?

Anyone who is hired to represent your pva online conference is required to submit current written authorization signed by the property owner that allows his/her representation and states his/her professional qualifications.  Such authorization must be submitted as a scanned document with your online conference or the conference becomes invalid.