What if I am not in agreement with my Conference Result?

If you are not in agreement with your Conference Result,  you may appeal before the Local Board of Assessment Appeals.  Please complete, sign and date the bottom section of your PVA Conference Result Form and submit it to the Jefferson County Clerk’s Office by the legal deadline (KRS 133.120(2)(c)) of 6/5/2018.  

What documentation is required if I choose to have authorized representation?

Anyone who is hired to represent your pva online conference is required to submit current written authorization signed by the property owner that allows his/her representation and states his/her professional qualifications.  Such authorization must be submitted as a scanned document with your online conference or the conference becomes invalid.

Why is my account inactive?

This simply means your account doesn’t have an active subscription. It could be that there isn’t a subscription tied to the account at all, or if there is one it has a failed invoice from 30 or more days ago.

Why does my search return 0 results found?

The subscription search service is specific to parcels in Jefferson County. Subscribers to the PVA search service have access to the different searches and full property details, where as non-subscribers can only use the Address or Parcel ID search and will only be able to view some of the property details.

How can I change my name on my property?

To change your name on the tax assessment roll, you must do the following:

File a quitclaim deed on your property from your old name to your new name and file it with the Jefferson County Clerk’s Office. There is a $17.00 fee to file this document.

How do I change the misspelled name on my tax bill?

If your name is misspelled on the PVA tax assessment roll, it can be corrected if you signed the original property deed with your name spelled correctly. You do not need to file any further documents if the signature is correct on the property deed.

How can I fix incorrect information about my property?

If the PVA has information about your property that is inaccurate, you can call our office at (502) 574-6380 to ensure it is corrected. Also, you may receive an assessment notice in the mail if your property’s assessment has changed.

How can I obtain a map of my property?

Property owners can print out a map of their property at the PVA office, or at any Louisville Free Public Library branch, at no charge. Maps of any other property can be printed in our office for a small fee.